Mr Alex Geddes
Our philosophy is simple. Cut through all the nonsense and get to the root of the problem. We don’t follow the ‘traditional’ blueprint of most Physiotherapy Clinics. We won’t confuse you with long explanations, we are not into just treating your symptoms (that won’t get you anywhere), we won’t give you generic exercise programmes and we will never ever say ‘see how you get on and call me if it gets any worse’. We will really listen to you about the problem, we will assess you thoroughly and really get to the root of your injury, we’ll draw a conclusion, then we’ll formulate a simple but effective plan of treatment and exercises to get you better for good and we’ll be with you every step of the way. We understand that you could choose countless other clinics over us, so what can we do for you that they can’t? Firstly as we mentioned we are not a one size fits all practice. We have 7 Physiotherapy Clinics across Cambridgeshire and Essex, offering a unique mix of treatment options from Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, acupuncture and Sports Massage. We have also invested heavily is specialist services that we can guarantee that you will not find in combination at any other clinic in the UK such as Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning, Video Biomechanical analysis, Gait Analysis and IDD therapy (A non-surgical spinal decompression treatment to help chronic back and neck pain). We will look after you, from the first time that you call to the time we wave you goodbye, we want to make your experience with us the best one it can be. So we introduced a helpful online appointment booking service, helpful reports after your first appointment (explaining everything to you in a simple way), plus we’ve made every effort to ensure dealing with us is as easy and stress free as possible. In fact, we have won many awards for our customer service!! We have treated nearly 12,500 customers in Cambridgeshire and Essex Around 70% of those came from personal recommendation from our existing happy customers! The majority of our clients start to feel better after just 4 treatments, the industry average is 10! Around 25% of our patients have been successfully treated by us when they could not be helped at other clinics! We want you to feel confident you are in the best possible hands, so if you walk away from your appointment unhappy with any aspect of the service you have received, we won’t charge you for it. Not only that, we will give you your next appointment for FREE. No other clinic would be prepared to make you that promise (we’ve looked).