Miss Maria Stansfield
3 Years as Head Sports Therapist for Lymm Rugby Union Club I's team.(Have referred some of our players to the Shoulder Doc Specialists). 18- months working with Wigan Warriors Rugby League Team. 3 years working with Ultra Endurace Athletes at the Brathay 10 Marathon in 10 Days Challenge. Working with GB Runners. Work with a range of sporting, non- sporting individuals of the general public. Head of Medicine at Lymm Rugby Union and working with Wigan Warriors Super League Rugby Team. Stansfield Sports Injury Clinic specialise in Shoulder Injuries including: * Rotator Cuff Impingement * AC Joint Sprains and AC Joint Dislocations * SLAP repair, Bankart repair and Reverse Bankart repair pre and post surgery * Bicep Tendonosis and Tenodesis * Pectoral muscle tears * Scapula stabilisation