Ms Gill Cannon
Gill qualified from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1992 and after working in the NHS she returned to Australia to continue her post-graduate education. She studied with the Australian Pilates Institute whilst travelling with Australian sports teams in rugby, AFL, softball, tennis and netball. At the Sydney Olympics, working with Australian Gymnastics, Gill met the British Team and on returning to the UK has worked with them ever since. Gill has worked within Private Practice for over 14 years and specialises in Sports Medicine. She has represented Australia and Great Britain as Physiotherapist at Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic level and she is currently the National Lead Physiotherapist for British Gymnastics. As a personal physio to one of our Olympians, she is so excited for the games in Rio. Gill has worked with many other National teams too including UK Athletics and British Orienteering. ? Throughout her life as a physio, Gill has worked hard to attain a good reputation for quality treatment. She considers herself very lucky to work at the top end of sport but always recalls that day-to-day work with patients who struggle with back/neck pain through inappropriate postures or daily repetitive loading can be just as rewarding, making small changes can make a huge difference to someone's life. Personally, she is a a busy mum of three very active children who love what she does - “It's quite cool to have a mum who can fix it!”.