John Chaffe

Drive Sports Physio

For ten years I have been helping professional athletes return to action and compete at the highest level. I can help you to do exactly the same. But first, I’m sure you would like to hear more about me – I’ll make it brief. I am passionate about working with people to overcome obstacles and achieve more than they thought possible. In my teens I competed internationally in swimming. The volume of training and competition required me to take good care of myself. To be honest, I didn’t always do a good job of this. This led to several missed opportunities, but ultimately it shaped my life. After completing my undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University and a subsequent masters in Physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham. I secured a part-time role with Worcester Warriors Rugby Club. Eight years, two relegation’s, two promotions, numerous good days and a few hard ones later, I had progressed to Head Physiotherapist. Deciding to leave for a new challenge was difficult but I had an itch to test myself. Being Head of Academy Sports Science & Medicine at West Bromwich Albion Football Club was an incredible experience. I am proud of what I built there and the players and staff I helped. However, that desire for something else was still there. I wanted to build something that reflects my personality and beliefs. Something that allows me to provide the most optimal service for people. So, in December 2018, Drive Sports Medicine was born