Niamh Toner

New Wave Physiotherapy

Niamh graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Physiotherapy in 2022. She has gained valuable experience working with a diverse range of clients and conditions within the public healthcare system. Niamh is committed to expanding her expertise in physiotherapy by pursuing rotational positions within the NHS, thereby enhancing her knowledge of physiotherapy interventions and ensuring a comprehensive approach to client care. In addition to her physiotherapy qualifications, Niamh has also earned a Level 3 Sports Massage qualification, which complements her physiotherapy treatments. She is dedicated to staying current with the latest developments in healthcare by regularly attending training and keeping abreast of recent research. Beyond her professional pursuits, Niamh is an avid enthusiast of an active lifestyle, frequently engaging in activities such as playing hockey and going to the gym. She also has a passion for travel and enjoys exploring new cuisines and culinary experiences.