Mr Thomas Jefferson Kamalakaran
Respected Sir, Champion Physiotherapy is an outpatient physiotherapy run by me. I am a post graduate in physiotherapy specialising in Advanced Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics. I treat patients with neck, lowback and other joint pains , pre and post operative patients, patients who have orthopaedic complaints relevant for treatment by physiotherapy, geriatric patients, sports injuries, and others. Frozen shoulder is a very common problem in India as it is the diabetic capital of the world. I am treating plenty of patients who have frozen shoulder. I have sportspersons who come to me after straining their shoulder while training, playing or in their gym. An association with your esteemed institution will help me a long way to improve my skills, understanding and ability to treat shoulder ailments better. I have 23 years of experience in this field including my employment in hospitals. You may kindly read the feedback by my patients in the site called Practo or google reviews on my clinic site. My HCPC registration no. is PH72067. My membership no in the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is 75244. I request your good self to kindly add me as your associate. Thank You. With Warm Regards, Thomas Jefferson.