Mr Marco De Vito
I started my career working with the Isokinetic Sport Rehabilitation Team in Turin (Italy) where I worked with several elite athletes, including Olympic Gold medalist Aldo Montano (Athens, 2004) and footballers from the Turin and Juventus teams. I designed effective rehabilitation programmes which covered the different stages of the healing process and that would incorporate the specific skills ad muscle recruitment patterns used during athletic activities. I became increasingly interested in the effect of Pilates used within the scope of physiotherapy. I trained at the Academy of Clinical Pilates recognized by the Association of Australian Physiotherapists. I have applied Pilates based exercises in the treatment of several conditions, including back pain and gait anomalies. I am currently the Physiotherapy consultant for Ernst&Young where I experienced and dealt with several work-related conditions. I always focus on all those factors within the work environment that can negatively affect symptoms. I apply an ergonomically specific approach to make changes within the office space in order to reduce and prevent risk factors. I am a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and I have routinely applied acupuncture as part of my treatment for a wide range of conditions and for cosmetic rejuvenation. The positive results obtained with acupuncture encouraged me to continue my professional development and research within this medical area."